Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crew Love

It seems appropriate to share this note here, lifted from the state of my mind.
Never Change - Jay-Z

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish, and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper." - Ezekiel 25:17 (also see Pulp Fiction)

What to do when that tight knit circle turns into an oval?

Where i stand as a man is somewhere between accomplishment and ambition, with hidden drive in my eyes only seen by those who are a part of this. Pardon me, herbal essences keep those eyes low for the most but La Familia, The Troop, my brothers, the ones with ties to my life that hold tighter then a clip-on know me well. I'm far from being god, but i work goddamn hard to maintain the strength in my chain of command. It's pivotal to the gameplan that my people, YOU, serve as the wind beneath a nigga's wings just as i provide that same gust for the braintrust.

You see, where we've been, and where we are, are small matters compared to where we're going and if you can't understand that i'm sorry. Through my journeys i've seen open eyes extend sight further, i've seen crooks go clean, and i've seen vice versa. Through all the adversity I learn and become more myself each day, more willing then ever to grab my goals by the horns. My lies, smiles, and tears have molded who i've been from birth and as a result my mind is primed for the challenges presented before me, by me, and beyond me.

But it would be simple of me to do this for my personal gain. My desire for success is not limited to what so many see. A full purse and a dime in pocket, cars, cribs, clothes. In short nice boats with no paddles sitting in shit's creek. Such goals are alluring to say the least but are merely worldly representations of what most see as achievement. A sugar coated vision of what people consider their just dessert for whatever hardship they've endured. Who am i to call one man or another deserving of such a hollow meal? My focus is instead lies on filling my own plate.

I would only step out to get breakfast, AND I'M EATING! Not just to fill my hunger, but to repay those who taught me to fish rather then feed me so that i would never go hungry. The reason i cultivate this tight knit circle with such care is because i love my family, both those that share my blood and those that share my love. Because of that, i don't represent myself in the world...i represent what i believe. I represent what those closest to me see in me, that fire, that desire. You may see me riding around shining and shit, but all the while my red eyes are to the skies with my feet on the ground because of those i surround myself with. YOU keep me focused. YOU keep me daring to dream. Yet you also keep me grounded and make sure i put my best foot forward. The love is not just reciprocated, it's delivered ten-fold nigga.

So what to do when that tight knit circle turns into an oval? The links on my chain of command have time and again shown rust (as to be expected) but those whose ties hold strongest shine the brightest. It's you that i do it for. I can no longer subject myself to the triviality of living in theory...spewing out cliche'd motivational quotes geared towards increasing my cashflow and not widening the scope of possibility to truly incorporate what i, as an individual, see for myself in the future. Somewhere between accomplishment and ambition i know that i'll be pulled by both sides as time goes on and yet i hope to remain balanced in the middle. As one increases, never losing sight of the other. For my own gain? It would be admirable if i didn't want any of the glory...but inadmissible as well because my well-being reflects the success of my team. As an extension of them my achievement highlights their peaks, while their triumphs are toasted to by the collective. As I heard it put once "One hand washes the other, both wash the face" and the shit is true! Crew Love means you and yours provide for one another, cultivating the growth of the individual and in turn harvesting benefits in the entire crop. It also means cutting the grass, being honest with yourself and others, and removing those that serve as a detriment to the development of the collective.

So bearing weak links minus weak links, my chain of command will remain strong. So that when we are smoking spliffs in the shade mixing drinks with the fruit of our labor politicking as usually as we shit you'll understand why that dedication was so important. I stand as a man, amongst men. A king amongst kings, and together that crew love will overflow like our blessings. I can't vouch for you if you not a part of this, so when me and mines reach greener pastures and are parlaying our chips there needs to be no talk of the doubt or envy. My aim is to make it so that the only pain my niggas know is champagne...now raise a glass to that shit, and drink deeply.

This is crew love, move music or move drugs...

Rival Crews get your Black Suits Up!

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