Monday, August 11, 2008

The Genesis

"The hood I live in ain't that proper
Cause a cop'll stop ya
And have you at a hundred and eleventh before you can say not guilty

I'm not filthy

Nor am I rich

Ain't that a bitch..

Like life is

Not your wife is

See that's your butter half

Do your math

And peep that two halves make a whole

And all I have to hold

Is my self pride

So these streets I stride

Like a Black Panther

Asking can the

situation get much worse?

All I do is try to appeal to the masses

As the phrase keep it real passes

The teeth of too many phony individuals

Snakes, thats smooth like criminals..."
The words of Malik Yusef are the thoughts prevalent on my
mind. I hope that's not too much to bite off because
it's going to be like that from time to time, this
is an experiment in expression by my brothers and
me. The Troop consists of forward thinkers and
the fly. Our aim is essentially to provide a
window to our respective streams of consciousness
but we also hope to invoke thought, discussion, and
action on varying levels. With time all things are
revealed though, so sit up and enjoy…here’s some
old school Outkast just to get things started,
though it isn't so much how you start as it is
how you finish.

Ya'll are about to witness a dynasty like no other.

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