Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I wish...

I wish for alot. I'm a dreamer, its only natural for me to always want more. Some of these wants and desires are a little off center, but then again so am I so it all works out in the end. I wish that grabbing a bag of chips out the vending machine wasn't so painful.
My hand is always gettin stuck in the snatches of life just trying to collect my Funyons. I guess that is to deter us a society from eating so much junk food huh? These crackers think they slick.

I wish life didn't begin and end with currency, cause I hate working. Scratch that, I hate the actual act of performing task. Work is satisfying when it's a job well done and all that motivational, attitude mumbo jumbo. I really hate working for a dollar. I'd rather work to liberate myself, and others, and work to transcend this way of life we all have grown so accustom to living. 2 things I'm real big on, liberation and routine transcendentalism. I wish all my people knew what that means. Let's Get Free.

I wish my work ethic matched up with my potential. Damn, here I go again back to that work shit. But if my work ethic ever gets there, u really will be bearing witness to the greatest. For now, those are just words. Time for less abstract, more concrete.

I wish I could find a sweet bitch to trust. A tender experience.
And I'ma leave that untouched.

I wish I would go ahead and take that leap of faith and let my soul leak out through any and all mediums. You know I'm a vintage artist trapped in a late 80's babies wiry body. Thats trapped in a progressive mindstate. Thats stuck in a blind society with bifocals on. I have an ipod mind in an 8 track world. Woe is me.

I wish for alot of things, too much maybe. But I'm a go-getter fuck that, I achieve. As you should too.

I wish Joseph Forte had stayed in college a year longer. That shit bothers me to this day. Man could that boy hoop, R.I.P. to his career.

I wish Joe Buddens would get his proper shine as an artist. Top 5 emcee and nobody outside the Internet knows it.

I wish Lil' Wayne's music wasn't so damn infectious.

Wish Bernie Mac could still crack a joke and I wish Isaac Hayes could still sing "Walk On By" live. It's emotionally stirring.

I wish Cornell West would take the reins of Black leadership in America from Mr. Sharpton and Jesse " I just wanna cut off his nuts" Jackson. Pause.

I wish Boo and Gotti had just stuck with Kells. Lil' Boo doesn't look too comfortable in the smedium white tee's on Wayne's tourbus.

"I Wish" is my shit. Let this marinate and enjoy some classic Kels.

I Wish - R. Kelly

12 Play: 4th Quarter coming soon...its crunchtime!!

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